And it’s goodbye from him

I posed on the Defra Digital Blog a sign off post here.   In March, a small milestone went largely unnoticed. The UK Open Data movement was 10 years old. It has been a privilege and an honour to be a part of the movement within Government during this time. At the end of this week […]

Leading Defra’s Data Revolution

This week we will be advertising the exciting, challenging and rewarding role of Deputy Director for Data in Defra on the Civil Service Jobs portal. This role is key for leading Defra’s unique and exciting data transformation programme, building on … I posted about why I will be leaving Defra and the great opportunity of […]

Let’s make Defra data driven

To deliver Defra’s new strategy we will make Defra data driven. We will do this because sharing our data, ways of working and technology will drive better results for Defra and the sectors we care about.   I posted about the next phase of Defra’s data programme here

Comfortable with risk

Making 8000 data sets open quickly, and changing our ways of working to deliver this can bring with it risks. Within Defra we have experts in understanding and managing these risks and over the last few weeks we have been working to to put in place a simple process to mitigate them… I posted on […]

Defra’s opening up its data (GDS)

Defra’s opening up its data (GDS)

A post by Mike Bracken on our Open Data work at Defra:   This is great stuff from Defra. They’re treating data as a public asset, which is exactly the right thing to do. If other departments are wondering what to do with their own piles of data, I have four simple words of […]

Beginning to accelerate…

Beginning to accelerate…

A post by me on the Defra digital blog:  Learning as we go, an update on #OpenDefra and releasing Defra data…