emotionally attached to software

Well it is easily done isn’t it?

You spend time, lots of time, frankly too much time getting used to the quirks of some specialist (not really that good) software.  All that investment building up skills and learning how to do what you want to do takes time.  You are now an “expert”.

The world moves on and that specialist software is no longer special.  You worry: Have you wasted your time? Are you now in a redundant specialism?

You fight back.. This area is different, it is special.  This software does something different. We really need this complication.  I love the software, I couldn’t do with out it, there is no way the organisation will survive without it.

We all get emotionally attached to software. Especially the software that we feel supports our areas of ‘expertise’.  We build silos and we build barriers to change.  It isn’t helpful in the long run and makes the necessary change all the harder when it happens (which it will).

How do we protect ourselves from this? How do we challenge the emotional attachment?

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