WEEK 06 – 2014

the week beginning 3rd February ’14 (Week 6)

We agreed the draft agenda for the Linking Geospatial Data workshop and sent out the invites. Next stop getting ready and planning the session I’m chairing on Earth Observations and the discussions at the end of the event.

The Welsh Government hosted a face to face INSPIRE Architecture Board meeting. We presented ideas and progress. Discussed approaches and the move to BAU status. The INSPIRE activities for next year have quite a wide focus including system and data standards, data.gov.uk updates and improvements to our guidance.

We had the UKGovLD Delivery team call with some discussions around the face to face meeting next week, W3C activities and the event mentioned above.

I have published the URI patterns for identifiers proposal on the standards hub (here). The Proposal is in draft and open for comment until 24th February 2014 through the standards hub.

The Open Standards Board approved a recommendation in relation to the persistent resolvable identifiers challenge last year. This was be to use resolvable URIs to identify things and codes within data published by government.

The proposal I’ve just published recommends an approach to structuring URIs through a set of patterns that balance predictability with the flexibility needed to serve a wide range of needs.  The proposal aims to create an approach that provides resolvability into data without reliance on any particular technology while allowing for the data publisher to automate the expression of their data through URIs. Hopefully a real and important step in building the information infrastructure that we need.

Other things this week included discussions around Flood Data, Procurement and recruitment.

This week has been long and intense. Writing these #weeknotes over the last few weeks has been more challenging than I had thought. I have test to get the balance of detail right or the approach to righting these.

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