Review the Open Data Maturity model

I posted this on on 5 March 2015:


Defra’s Open Data & Transparency (OD&T) team is working with the Open Data Institute (ODI) to develop a Maturity Model to help public bodies to better understand their open data maturity.

The maturity model that will help organisations assess their maturity as both publishers and users of open data in several areas:

·       Data management processes

·       Knowledge and skills

·       Customer support and engagement

·       Investment and financial performance

·       Strategy and governance

Details of the model and how to participate in the review can be found on the Defra Digital and ODI blogs at the following links:

·       Defra Digital Blog –…

·       ODI Blog –…

If you have any questions please contact Simon Wild at Defra ( or Leigh Dodds at ODI (

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